Future Deco and the spinning of new threads (CC02)

New Threads

We wanted to produce some artwork for the office walls which would respect the rich heritage of the building and our hometown of Macclesfield. We loved the old art deco railway pictures so we made three pictures that play homage to the old style but were modern and fun.

We use various 3D software products to make the pictures. We start by visiting the location, taking photos and working out the position fo the sun for the time of the day. Once that's done it's time to research the buildings history so we can weave historical narratives into the picture. This can take sometime but is quite fun.

Once we are happy with the 3D model and the position of the building we add the colour and magic using Photoshop and Illustrator.

The pictures are then printed on a specialist 12 colour RGB giclee printer which creates wonderful colours and an amazing finish. We then add the QR code which when scanned shows the inner workings of how the picture was made or occasionally a surprise. 

The ‘art deco’ travel pictures of famous Macclesfield buildings including Park Green (the Fountain), Market Place, Christ Church, West Park Museum, Silk Museum and the Picturedrome. These are for sale of the Treacle Market and online and have been very popular.

These original three pictures got amazing feedback so we decided to release a limited range for the public, which led to the creation of the Courthouse Collective.

The Courthouse Collective is now a tapestry of our reality. We weave business, ideas, the past, the present and the future, the physical and the digital, to create wonderful, locally sourced products with a playful twist.


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