Our first thread. Welcome to the Courthouse Collective.

For the past 20 years our sister company Matmi have a specialised in producing products mainly in the digital world. The Courthouse Collective has been born out of the frustrations of living in this digital world and our yearning to create physical products that can improve the fabric of our society.

During the Covid pandemic, Matmi had to adapt and evolve as many clients were in the leisure industry which unfortunately suffered. We focused on developing innovative mental health apps for kids and safety education games for the Fire Services. 

Whilst many companies decided to close or reduce the size of their offices, we decided to move into new offices. We have refurbished the beautiful old courthouse in Macclesfield, and have lovingly brought it back to its form Art Deco glory, but with a modern slant (it’s a smart office).

Matmi has specialised in creating engagement by weaving digital technologies in the digital world, the Courthouse Collective mission is to create beautiful products in the physical world that are playful and engaging.

We originally wanted to produce some artwork for the office walls, which would respect the rich heritage of the building and our hometown of Macclesfield. We loved the old Art Deco railway illustrations, so we made three pictures that play homage to the old style, but more modern and fun.

The original pictures got amazing feedback, so we decided to release a limited range for the public, creating our first product range for the Courthouse Collective.

The Courthouse Collective is now the tapestry of our reality. We weave business, ideas, the past, the present and the future, the physical and the digital, to create wonderful, locally sourced and sustainable products with a playful twist.


 Weaving New Realities with Historical Threads.