The Fabric of Time (CC03)

In collaboration with Olliers Photography, we have brought some of their original black and white images back to life. We have done this by adding colour and by mixing history, myths and local brands together.

We’ve weaved past, present and future into several pieces of art, including ‘RobotWorks’ and ‘Ride of Time’.

Within the archived images we stumbled across some amazing old photos of Macclesfield and the surrounding Cheshire area. Many of these photos had  terrible resolution and were generally of poor quality.

The original black and white images are currently popular with the older generation, but not so much to the younger folk. We wanted to see if we could make these images appealing to a younger audience.

These photos needed colour, better resolution and local narratives with quirky humour weaved within them.

We managed to obtain some of the original images and with our technical and design knowledge we soon realised that we could use A.I. (artificial intelligence) to increase the resolution. 

Once printed we soon realised that the images needed a bespoke frame. The frame had to compliment the art. Through our network we found an amazingly talented fine metal worker called Frank, from Pott Shrigley in Cheshire to produce.

The finished frame compliments the image with industrial styled retro robot metal and chunky bolts.  It's been a pleasure to work with such a talent and to weave new realities with him, we hope to work again with him soon.

Work in progress

 Frank at work in his studio

We will soon be releasing this new range of artwork to buy in collaboration with Olliers photography and our creative partners. Watch this space.

The fabric of time if the tapestry of our reality.


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