Storm Brewing - 25th Anniversary Artwork


The Storm Brewing Company, nestled in Waterside, Macclesfield, recently marked a significant milestone as it celebrated its 25th Anniversary. Back in 1998, the dynamic partnership of Hugh Thompson and David Stebbings came to life, birthing their inaugural creation, Ale Force, in their original brewing premises on Hurdsfield.

Our unique Anniversary artwork incorporates numerous subtle nods to Storm Brewing. These include a striking lightning bolt piercing the dark night sky, accompanied by a tiny aircraft navigating into the eye of the storm. The plane tows a banner bearing the inscription "Storm Brewing 25th Anniversary." The registration FJT170 on the plane signify the owner's wife's initials and birthday.

Beneath the storm and within the windows, a silhouette of a cat, once the esteemed feline of Storm Brewing, stands proud. The ship portrays one of the owner's personal yachts, reflecting a history of travel and a deep affection for holidays. Through the windows, party goers celebrating are visible, while suspended bikes on the ceiling show off the eclectic and whimsical nature of the interior design.

A row of beer casks proudly displays their most famous brews outside, their labels prominently stamped on the front. Meanwhile, water gently overflows the river bank onto the cobblestones, reminiscent of the brewery's past tendency to flood during specific periods.

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