Magpie Mine

The exposed remains of Magpie Mine are found in the Peak District and is well known industrial heritage site. It was the last working lead mine in Derbyshire from the 19th-century lead mining industry. The mine has an interesting historical past that includes the murder of three miners, and the Widows’ Curse.

Let me take you through the hidden themes in our artwork.

Naturally we had to incorperate the magpie bird into our image as the clue is in the name. 

The ghostly shadow is to symbolise the miners working in the past and also the curse that was laid on it's grounds.

We chose to show how the local farm life has taken oven in recent years and the two now co-exist.

The pick axe has been placed on the chimney as a symbol of the mining industry being laid to rest.

The mole being a natural tunnler was a nice addition to nod towards the miners  that carved out the earth in search of lead.

The radial sunburst over the chimney was the final touch to tie the image into our future deco range.


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