Gaskell Tower - Knutsford


Gaskell Memorial Tower is found in Knutsford, Cheshire. Our colourful artwork celebrates the quirky and eclectic building design, with the buildings equally eccentric story weaved in throughout.  


As it was built, the building had the triple function of being council offices, a coffee house, and a memorial to the novelist Elizabeth Gaskell. The building was built by Richard Harding Watt, and was opened in 1907.

Below are the hidden themes in the artwork. 

The Spisekort signage hints at the Danish Restaurant, which was once found within the building in the 1960's. The penny farthing sign is a playful twist on the Great Penny Farthing Race held every 10 years in Knutsford. Beneath is a sign, stating "Single File", poking fun at Knutsford's incredibly narrow pavements, which were designed in an attempt to stop couples walking arm-in-arm by an aristocratic spinster in the 18th Century.  

The chairman of the original Spisekort restaurant was a cricket lover! Therefore, we have placed a cricket bat above the door frame - which we believe was actually placed there in the 60's. We have also incorporated the original King's Street Coffee House and Belle Epoque signage, two other popular restaurants/cafes found in the buildings past. 

The concord aeroplane, shown in its French colours, is seen taking off from nearby Manchester Airport. 

The football pays homage to footballer, George Best, who part owned the Belle Epoque restaurant. David and Victoria Beckham, as well as many other sports stars, were also frequent visitors of the Belle Epoque restaurant.

The glove hints at Richard Watts family business, which made them fortunes through the glove manufacturing business.

The car has the registration, RHW 1907, the initials for Richard Harding Watt, and the year the building was complete. The building was once a popular  wedding venue; confetti is seen strewn across the floor next to a silver Rolls Royce... watch out for the pesky traffic wardens though!

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