Chatsworth House


The beautiful Chatsworth House is the most iconic building in Derbyshire. A favourite for walkers, art, and garden enthusiasts.

The grand estate is set in the heart of the Peak District, on the banks of the River Derwent. The rich history of this estate goes back to the mid 1500's. 

Our artwork captures Chatsworth on a crisp and sunny autumnal evening. Can you spot the hidden film references? 

The 2005 film Pride & Prejudice featured many stunning scenes, but this one of Elizabeth Bennet looking over the water is one of the most iconic. We have incorporated this scene into out artwork, creating a romantic and ethereal feel. Mr Darcy can also be found somewhere in the artwork!

Some of the windows contain silhouettes of the family members who once lived here. The hunting tower stands proudly above, nestled between the autumnal coloured trees.

This piece is from our Derbyshire Set range, which has been inspired by the old railway posters of the 1940’s, but with a modern and playful twist. You can purchase the artwork here.

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