Cat & Fiddle - Hey Diddle Diddle


The Cat and Fiddle Pub sits amongst the dramatic backdrop of the Peak District National Park. At 1,689 feet above sea level, the stone building, built in 1813, was taken  over by Forest Distillery in the past few years and is now Britain’s highest altitude whisky distillery. 

The colours are inspired by the heather and beautifully bleak moorland that surrounds the building. The light stripes are from the speeding traffic that zooms past the sleepy location.

As we work with local businesses we love to see others doing the same. Forest whiskey has made a pie with Lord of the Pies which is available at the Cat & Fiddle and we thought it was a great idea to mark this in our image.

The 'Beware of the cat' sign was a hint to wildlife on the moors. 'Mamil on the roof' poster was a play mixed up of 'Fiddler on the Roof' and the Middle Aged Men In Lycra that bike on the A537.

The highest whisky distillary poster was to show how Forest whisky holds the record and the bike in the background has CC01 on the registration plate.

The sign post below has the name of the road and altitude at the top. Forest and whiskey pointing to the forest and towards the pub and cheshire to derbyshire showing the direction of the road. The signpost also has the forest gin leaves growing out of the base showing the future for the building.

The bicycle and motorbike is another reminder of the people that use this road for their recreational activities.

We have also depicted a cat and a fiddler to represent the pubs name.

On the roof you can see a weasel running along the roof to show how the forest distillary has moved into the building.

The lightning and sun is to show the ever changing weather conditions on top of the moors. 

Finally we have a helicopter that could be either a tourist ride or searching for the speeding bikes the come from all around the world to race this amazing roads twists and bends.

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