Arighi Bianchi - What's in store?


The Arighi Bianchi store stands proud on a winters night in Macclesfield. The story of Arighi and Bianchi is shown through subtle visual silhouettes and imagery, such as a toboggan, a horse and a map of Lake Como, referencing their journey from Italy to Macclesfield. 

The AB picture shows the story of Arighi Bianchi and weaves historical narratives into the artwork.

The sign is taken from an old advert that was shown at the station at the beginning of the last century. We love this typeface and it brings the picture to life.

The clock on the wall shows 18:54, which is the year that Mr Arighi arrived in Macclesfield.

It's 18:54, what's in store...

Mr Arighi travelled to Macclesfield in the UK on a horse with a toboggan to make furniture influenced by the local textile industry.  

Mr Arighi traveled from Lake Como in Italy (shown as a picture on the wall)

Lake Como

Mr Arighi and Mr Bianchi are shown shaking hands in the windows. The silhouettes are taken from historical photos where applicable.

Mr Arighi & Mr Bianchi

Finally we have put our other artwork up on display in the store looking into the future, as we wanted to sell our artwork in their store.... We have now succeeded in our mission and our artwork can be found in the Arighi Bianchi Cafebar.

Courthouse Collective artwork now available at Arighi Bianchi.

We will hopefully be working with Arighi Bianchi on more exiting projects in the near future.

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