Afflecks Palace

Afflecks Palace is a shopping centre located in Manchester, England. It is known for its alternative, indie and punk clothing, accessories, and artwork. The artwork found in Afflecks Palace is unique and often reflects the alternative and punk culture that the shopping centre is known for.

As such, we have paid homage to the eclectic nature of Afflecks through hidden references and quirky imagery.

Below are the hidden themes in the artwork.

We have incorporated a variety of elements, including nostalgic posters from the 80's and 90's, as well as a hidden punk rocker and a sign relating to the band Joy Division. Joy Division was a indie band from Manchester, whose music and imagery had a profound impact on the alternative culture that Afflecks Palace is known for.


Look out for Frank Sidebottom and his paper mache head lurking in the shadows! Frank was a well-known figure in the Manchester music scene during the 1980s and 1990s, and his oversized head became a kind of icon for the city's alternative culture. The wagging tail of a dog in front of Frank represents the Black Dog Ballroom, a popular bar and nightclub in Manchester. Watch out for the goths crossing... a road sign shows two goths ready to cross the road, expressing their individuality and unique fashion style.


The metal tree that adorns Afflecks Palace in Manchester is a striking piece of artwork that serves both as a decorative element and a symbol of the growth and evolution of Afflecks over the years, as well as a juxtaposition between nature and the urban landscape. The windows contain a range of eclectic clothes, stickers and posters from various eras. The bee dress found in one of the windows, is a fashion piece inspired by Manchester's iconic worker bee symbol, featuring bee-like motifs and colours. 

The fishnet stockings hanging out of Afflecks Palace are proof that Manchester's alternative fashion scene has always been a bit of a catch! In contrast, a pigeon flies against the dark, dreary sky. It's a scene that perfectly captures the city's vibrant and quirky character, where even the pigeons have an eye for fashion.

Taken together, all these elements create a layered and complex installation that invites the viewer to engage with the piece on multiple levels. These all work together that create a sense of nostalgia and rebellion that is central to the alternative culture that Afflecks Palace represents.

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